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Is the elastic fabric can be used of earloop for the face mask?

  • Release on:2022-03-25
Usually for medical mask , the factories use the spandex and polyamide material for earloop part. It is very narrow and thin for this material.When people wear the spandex polyamide earloop, someone feels uncomfortable and their ears are hurt.

Now there is one kind new nonwoven fabric called Elastic fabric(China elastic ear loop materials supplier).

Elastic fabric (ear loop materials distributor)is a non-woven fabric that can be stretched horizontally and vertically. The elasticity is due to the addition of elastic masterbatch. The elastic non-woven fabric is produced with PP medical grade material, without adding any recycled materials. The elastic non-woven fabric can also be used as single-direction, full-direction, and the patterns are also various to be chosen.

With this elastic fabric(China elastic nonwovens vendor), usually it is cut to oval shape to hot pressed with the mask.The fabric is soft and with good tensile strength, you will feel very comfortable with the elastic earloop.

The regular gsm is 50 to 80 to make the elastic nonwoven earloop part.
MOQ is 500 to 1000 kg.
The color also can be customized but MOQ is more.

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