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Is the agricultural non woven fabric used in vegetable production to a high degree?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2018-07-25
Agricultural non woven fabrics are also known as harvest cloths. It is a long-fiber non woven fabric, which is a new covering material with good air permeability, moisture absorption and certain light transmission. Non woven fabrics are thin, thick and thickened, usually expressed in grams per square meter, such as 20 grams per square meter of non woven fabric(agricultural nonwovens manufacturer), 30 grams per square meter of non woven fabric, 40 grams per square meter of non woven fabric and many more. The thickness of the non woven fabric is different, and the water permeability, shading rate, and air permeability are different, and the covering method and use are also different. Generally, the thin non woven fabric of 20-30 g/m2 has large water permeability and air permeability, and the quality is light. It can be used for covering the open field and greenhouse, floating in the greenhouse, and can also be used for the open arch shed, greenhouse(spunbond non woven fabric company), greenhouse insulation curtain, nighttime. Insulation can increase the temperature by 0.7 to 3.0 °C. 40-50 g / m2 greenhouse non-woven fabric with low water permeability, large shading rate, heavy weight, generally used as a greenhouse, greenhouse insulation curtain, can also be used instead of straw curtain cover outside the small shed, strengthen insulation . This kind of greenhouse non woven fabric is also suitable for shading and cultivation in summer and autumn. The thick- type non woven fabric (100-300 g/m2) replaces the straw curtain and the grasshopper, and is covered with a multi-layer in a greenhouse and a greenhouse together with the agricultural film. According to research, the non woven fabric covering the greenhouse is more effective than the straw covering, and it is lighter in weight and easier to manage than the straw curtain, and it is expected to be mechanized or semi-mechanized.
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Non woven fabrics(Non-woven Fabrics Vendor) have been widely used in developed countries such as Japan, the United States, the Netherlands, and Canada. The introduction of non woven technology in China is not long. At present, the types and specifications of products are relatively small, the price is high, and the quality is different from that of similar foreign products. At the same time, the research and promotion of coverage technology is not enough. The promotion area has not been large so far. However, with the improvement of the production level of non-woven fabrics and the further improvement of the covering technology, non-woven fabrics will be widely used in the development of vegetable anti-season cultivation.

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