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Introduce the use of green cold-proof non-woven fabrics

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Introduce the use of green cold-proof non-woven fabrics

2017-11-15 13:48:00
Into October, the non-woven manufacturers began to increase the production of dark green non-woven non-woven fabrics, flowers and nurseries for winter and winter use, cold-proof non-woven fabrics have the following characteristics:

a. Cold-proof non-woven fabric is made of PP material, PP is polypropylene, if the material is placed in the outdoor natural decomposition, the longest life expectancy of only 150 days, indoors within three years decomposition, burning non-toxic, tasteless , And without any leftovers, so as not to pollute the environment, so environmental protection comes from.

b. With non-woven fabrics covered with cold-proof non-woven flowers and flowers with wind and moisture insulation, water and vapor permeability, ease of construction conservation, beautiful and practical. Instead of plastic film is widely used in vegetables, flowers, rice and other nursery and tea, flower frost damage, instead of and make up for the lack of coverage of plastic film insulation, with a gentle temperature changes in the bed, small temperature difference between day and night, Reduce the number of watering, the advantages of labor-saving, nursery neat and tidy, disease-free, high rate of seedlings, inserted after the strong hair, Huanmiao fast, tiller and more. At the same time, light weight, but also reduces production costs.

c, non-woven fabrics rich in color, fashion and environmental protection, wide range of uses, nice, patterns and styles are diverse, and lightweight, environmentally friendly, recyclable, is internationally recognized as the protection of the Earth's eco-friendly environmentally friendly products. Cold-resistant non-woven fabrics are mostly dark green, so winter seedlings and flowers put on a vibrant winter wear, look good and resistant to dirt.

d, cold-proof non-woven fabric is a new generation of environmentally friendly materials, with strong, breathable waterproof, environmentally friendly, flexible, non-toxic and tasteless, and the advantages of cheap prices.Cold-proof non-woven fabrics have a variety of specifications and quality, and the width and length are also varied, such as tall trees generally use 3.2 meters wide cold-proof non-woven fabrics, the width of the highway on both sides of the general width of 1.6 meters Km of cold non-woven, in order to facilitate the construction.