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Identification method of 100% brand new pellet spunbond non-woven fabric

  • Release on:2020-10-26
1. Look: the gloss and luster of the non-woven fabric(Nonwoven TNT Fabric Supplier) made of 100% whole pellets will gradually darken as the proportion of filler in the woven fabric increases.

2. Smell: 100% whole grain non-woven fabric(TNT Nonwoven Company) has no peculiar smell, because polypropylene particles are odorless, but the material has an offensive smell, and the powder has the smell of gasoline and diesel.

3. Burning: The powder residue after burning the 100% whole grain non-woven fabric will have similar objects, and the filling and the burned non-woven fabric can be clearly seen in the remaining powder object.

4. Pulling: After the 100% brand-new non-woven fabric(TNT PP Fabric Wholesale) is torn, it is strong, clean and pure, with a lot of filaments. After a non-woven fabric is torn, a white powdery filler can be seen.

5. Measurement: You can also determine 100% of the new material by measuring the thickness and specific gravity of the cloth.

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