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Application characteristics and advantages of weeding non woven fabrics in agricultural production

  • Release on:2020-10-28
Weeding non-woven fabric(Garden Weed Mat Wholesale) is a kind of coated cloth commonly used in agricultural production today. Agricultural non-woven fabrics(Black Landscape Fabric On Sales) have many advantages. Let's talk about the advantages and characteristics of weeding non-woven fabrics in agricultural production applications:

Garden Weed Mat Wholesale, Black Landscape Fabric On Sales, Ground Control Fabric FactoryGarden Weed Mat Wholesale, Black Landscape Fabric On Sales, Ground Control Fabric Factory

Features and advantages of weeding non-woven fabrics:

1. Water permeability

2. Breathability

3. Inhibit the growth of weeds

4. Insulation

5. Moisturizing

6. Keep fat

7. Prevent and reduce pests and diseases

8. Waterlogging prevention in rainy season

Weeding non-woven fabric(Ground Control Fabric Factory) is a good helper for agricultural production, and it has played a good role in promoting agricultural production. It is loved by agricultural workers. Our company is an environmentally friendly non-woven fabric manufacturer with a complete scientific quality management system. It mainly produces agricultural non-woven fabrics. Welcome to buy non-woven products for woven fabrics, home textile non-woven fabrics, medical non-woven fabrics, industrial non-woven fabrics, etc.