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How to cover non-woven fabric in greenhouse

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How to cover non-woven fabric in greenhouse

2019-11-14 10:18:35
The ones that are covered with cloth on the shed are non-woven fabrics(Agricultural Fabric Supplier). In fact, it is not strictly a cloth, but it has thecharacteristics of cloth. It is very particular about covering it in a greenhouse.

1. Covering the insulation effect with plastic film and non-woven fabric(Agriculture Cover Factory). The uneven ground is covered with mulch andstraw in the ditch. According to the plant size, the shed is placed in the greenhouse. When the sky is dark, cover it first. The layer of non-woven fabricis covered with a plastic film or covered with a film back cover.

2. If you encounter a cold current, you canalso put a layer on it. When the temperature drops to 0~-2 °C, the temperature in the shedcan still be kept above 8 °C; using this method to maintain the temperature, the canola, melonand so on in the greenhouse can grow normally in winter and the result.

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So what are the benefits of using a non-woven fabric to cover a greenhouse? It can prevent or reduce leaf diseaseand rotten fruit. Under the sun, the water vapor evaporates and absorbs the water from the crops in the shed at night.

The purpose of covering the non-woven fabrics(Agricultural Covering Nonwovens Wholesale) in the greenhouse is to maintain the temperature suitable for vegetables and crops in the greenhouse, so that the vegetable crops can grow ata higher yield.