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How to choose a mask scientifically?

  • Release on:2020-04-22
Experts said that in addition to providingeffective protection, the wearing of masks must also take into account thecomfort of the wearer and cannot bring about negative effects such asbiological hazards. Generally speaking, the higher the protective performanceof the mask, the greater the impact on comfort performance. When people wearmasks to inhale, the masks(Nurse Face Mask Supplier) have a certain resistance to the flow of air. Whenthe inhalation resistance is too large, some people will feel dizzy, chesttightness and other uncomfortable conditions.

Different people have different industriesand different physiques, so the requirements for the sealing, protection,comfort and adaptability of masks are also different. Some special groups, suchas children, the elderly, people with respiratory diseases and cardiovasculardiseases, should carefully choose the type of masks, and under the premise ofensuring safety protection, avoid accidents such as hypoxia and dizziness whenwearing for a long time.

How to wear a mask(Surgical Mask Vendor) correctly?

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Taking ordinary medical masks(3 Ply Face Mask Company) as anexample, for the convenience of wearing, ordinary medical masks generally adoptrubber band ears. The face of the mask has two sides, there are several layersof wrinkles on the face, and there is a hard strip on the side. When wearingit, the stiff side is first on top, because it can be used to pinch the bridgeof the nose to ensure the tightness of the mask. Then the folds of the maskmust be down, because if the folds are up, bacteria, viruses or dust will tendto stay in the folds.

How often does the mask change?

Due to different types of masks, differentgroups of users, and different environments, it is not possible to uniformlyspecify how long masks are used. Under normal circumstances, the disposablemedical surgical mask is recommended to be replaced at least 4 hours; if themask is wet or dirty with secretions, or is damaged, or feels increasedrespiratory resistance, it should be replaced immediately.