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How to be a good quality agricultural non-woven fabric supplier?

  • Release on:2020-11-02
A good quality agricultural weed-proof non-woven fabric(Agricultural Ground Cover Wholesale) production supplier, we are trustworthy! Weed-proof non-woven fabric is a hydrophilic spunbond non-woven fabric with good air permeability, fast water penetration, and a kind of prevention of weed growth Ground grass cloth for gardening and agriculture.

The normal service life of agricultural weed-proof non-woven fabrics(Agriculture Nonwoven Cover Company) is 3-5 years, which can greatly reduce the production of weeds in the orchard and greatly save labor costs. The grass-proof cloth is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, has good anti-aging performance, and the material is degradable, so there is no need to worry about the later effects.

Agricultural Ground Cover Wholesale, Agriculture Mat Factory, Agriculture Nonwoven Cover CompanyAgricultural Ground Cover Wholesale, Agriculture Mat Factory, Agriculture Nonwoven Cover Company

There are two kinds of grass-proof cloth: one is PP grass-proof cloth(Agriculture Mat Factory); the other is pe grass-proof cloth. The pp grass-proof cloth is made of polypropylene, and the pe is made of polyethylene. The service life of the two is distinguished. The service life of pp is about 3 years; the service life of pe is about 5 years. The use of grass-proof cloth can greatly reduce the cost of manual weeding, and it is a new type of grass-proof material. It is very popular among farmers.

Our company is a non-woven fabric manufacturer, and provides our customers with good quality agricultural weed-proof non-woven fabric products. Customers are welcome to come and buy!