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How to Make Spunlaced Composite Nonwovens

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  • Release on:2018-03-23
Spunlacing is a common and important non-woven fabric processing technology. It uses fine high-pressure water needles to penetrate the web, so that the fibers in the original loose and strong low-strength web move and intertwin with each other to form a strong force. And the shape of the spunlace non-woven fabric, its products are widely used in medical, health, synthetic leather base fabrics, household wipes, filter materials and other fields, typical products include wipes, masks, leather fabrics, microfibers Wipes, medical dressings, etc.
In the 1980s DuPont realized the industrialization of spunlace nonwovens. China is also constantly improving the ability to introduce Spunlace equipment to digest and continuously develop product development. The spunlace non-woven fabric itself has also been developing by leaps and bounds due to its features of no chemical reagents, no environmental pollution, no chipping, no impurities, moisture absorption, softness, high strength, and wide application.
Spunlaced compound technology 

Composite technology chooses combining two or more of the same or different substances and two or more methods to overcome the limitations of a single processing technology to produce products with superior performance and richer functions. . Composite technology is not simply a superposition, it has a larger function or performance synergy.

Spunlace technology has a wide selection of raw materials for processing, combined with the technology's own flexible and diverse process, which all provide a good foundation for its compounding. Spunlace technology can be combined with many other technologies. The new spunlaced composite non-woven fabrics are characterized by their softness, moisture absorption, low chip fall, high vertical and horizontal strength, and multiple functions. With the continuous development of non-woven fabric technology, more and more technologies are being combined with spunlace technology to produce new spunlaced composite nonwovens.

Application and Prospect of Spunlaced Nonwovens in the Future Market
The spunlace technology with a good style, a wide range of applications, and a favored consumer, can be combined with different processes, different webs, and different raw materials to produce high-performance and multi-functional products, further enhancing the quality of spunlace The application of textile products and added value. Vigorously developing spunlaced composite products with different technologies, different fiber webs, and different raw materials is the development direction of future spunlace technology. It has broad development prospects and has a good role in promoting the development of the entire nonwoven fabric industry.

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