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How the agricultural greenhouse should be managed in the autumn and winter season?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2018-01-17
Autumn and winter season arrives, and each area has entered a continuous and rainy area. How should the farm shed be managed in the frequent rainy season? As we all know, most of the farmers now use the agricultural non-woven shed. The non-woven fabric itself is easy to decompose. How to manage the agricultural greenhouse effectively is the normal growth of crops in the autumn and winter season. Now let's have a look.

As a result of continuous rain, the indoor humidity of the greenhouse is high, the root of the vegetable will become brown when it is serious, and even gradually rotten to the majority of the farmers to attach great importance to it. Continuously cloudy and rainy days, the photosynthesis of vegetables was weakened, and the growth of the plants was slow. The following management stipulates that we should pay attention to it.

A) sudden overcast sunny. After the condition of the seedlings are covered, avoid direct sunlight, causing loss of seedling wilting even seedling death.

B) Strengthen the shed. Stormy weather to see, to prevent rain and strong winds blow down greenhouse.

C) Ventilation in the day and night, reduce humidity, reduce disease, except when rain.

D) Pest prevention and disease prevention. Do not spray as much as possible, can be used to prevent disease or use isoprovian smoke agent, dichlorvos smoke agent smoked shed to treat insects.

E) Strengthen the resistance of vegetable seedlings, and spray the plant growth regulators such as green protection to promote the plant to recover as soon as possible. Foliar fertilizer and growth regulator are applied to promote plant F) Rainy days, take the foliar application of potassium dihydrogen phosphate and sugar solution dilution.

G) The rainy period, not the whole cross technology, so as to avoid bad wound healing. Even the rainy days before the advent of more growing weaker or as a result of the plant, to timely recovery, and the amount of thinning. Vegetables in the result period, vegetables and fruits and vegetables in time.

H) To prevent rainwater from entering the greenhouse, or foreign rainwater from the ground into the shed, increasing the humidity caused by overgrowth. In the wall drain set in the greenhouse, the rapid discharge of water. Pay attention to the water discharge. Do not flood irrigation, to avoid increasing the greenhouse humidity, causing diseases.

The above is the relevant contents of our finishing rain and rain and how to manage the agricultural greenhouse.If you want more about agricultural non-woven shed, please click nonwoven product supplier.