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How much do you know about ssmms non-woven fabrics?

  • Release on:2021-04-02
Our company produces spunbond-meltblown-meltblown-spunbond (SMMS) composite non-woven fabrics(SMS Polypropylene Fabric Company) and double spunbond (SS) non-woven fabrics with a width of 3.2 meters. The latest domestic advanced equipment, this product is widely used in baby diapers, Disposable sanitary materials such as sanitary napkins for women are expected to completely replace similar domestic imported products after being put on the market, creating great social and economic benefits.

Product Features:

A. Good product uniformity, high product opacity

B. The spunbond layer is composed of continuous filaments with good breaking strength and elongation

C. The meltblown layer is composed of continuous ultrafine fibers, which has a good barrier effect on moisture, bacteria, dust, etc.

D. It has high water pressure resistance and good air permeability

E. Good acid and alkali resistance

F. According to user needs, different colors can be produced

SMS Polypropylene Fabric Company, Medical SMMS Material Supplier, SMMS Non Woven Fabric FactorySMS Polypropylene Fabric Company, Medical SMMS Material Supplier, SMMS Non Woven Fabric Factory

Product Usage:

Medical treatment: surgical gowns, surgical hole towels, wound care, protective clothing(SMMS Non Woven Fabric Factory), caps, masks, etc.

Hygiene: Anti-leakage edges of baby diapers and adult incontinence diapers

[Material]: PP, SS, SSS, SMS, SMMS, SSMMS and other series of finished products

SMMS: soft hand, high filtering effect, good air permeability, high strength, can effectively prevent the invasion of dust and harmful particles and cross-infection in the medical and health fields.

SMS non-woven fabric(Medical SMMS Material Supplier) is a new type of composite material, which is composed of two layers of spunbonded non-woven fabric and one layer of melt-blown non-woven fabric. It is widely used in filter materials, absorbent materials, medical materials, sanitary materials, and disposable materials. In other fields, the spunbond fabric unwinding mechanism integrates the structure of the entire production line and realizes the "one step and a half method" process to produce SMS materials for the first time in China, which can not only increase the function of non-woven fabrics, but also make non-woven fabrics have a broader application field , This production line not only saves materials and energy, but also has more flexibility than the "one-step method" and "two-step method", which is a domestic initiative.

Product specifications:

Weight: 15g/㎡~200 g/㎡

Width: 3.2cm

Color: According to customer requirements or provide color samples and can be double-sided

Functional products:

1. Thin SMMS products, because of their waterproof and breathable properties, are particularly suitable for the sanitary market, such as sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, baby diapers, adult incontinence diapers, side leakage prevention and backing, etc.

2. Medium-thickness SMMS products are suitable for use in medical applications, such as surgical gowns, surgical wraps, surgical drapes, sterilization bandages, wound placards, plasters, etc., and are also suitable for industrial use in the production of work clothes and protective clothing. Wait. SMS products are more suitable for high-quality medical protective materials due to their good isolation performance, especially SMS products that have undergone three anti-static and anti-static treatments, and have been widely used worldwide.

3. Thick SMMS products are widely used as high-efficiency filter materials for various gases and liquids. At the same time, they are also excellent high-efficiency oil-absorbing materials, used in industrial wastewater degreasing, marine oil cleaning and industrial wipes.