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Hot air whitening non-woven fabrics in practical application performance

  • Release on:2020-05-18
In our lives, various products and materials are used, and products made of non-woven fabric are common. Similar to masks, diapers and protective clothing used by babies, the effectiveness of non-woven fabrics(Hot Air Nonwoven Fabric Factory) is different according to different processing procedures. What is the composition and application of hot air whitening non-woven fabrics? As a manufacturer, we will analyze with you under.

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Hot air whitening non-woven fabrics(Hot Air Nonwoven Fabric Supplier) are composed of high-strength continuous filaments, and occupy a large proportion in the disposable protective clothing market(Hot Air Nonwoven Fabric Factory). Special additives or post-finishing are added in the production process of hot air non-woven fabrics to make the products flame-retardant, Anti-static, anti-radiation, hydrophobic and moisture-conducting, anti-bacterial, and warm-keeping functions. While providing the human body with various required protective functions, it can also effectively prevent the invasion of harmful and dusty substances. Another new product of calendered non-woven fabric is SFS composite material. Two layers of spun-bonded fabric are combined with the waterproof moisture-permeable membrane in the middle. Ability to give the material waterproof and breathable performance and barrier performance, and effectively protect the waterproof and breathable membrane, making the material safer and more functional, is the ideal material for medical disposable protective clothing.

This article mainly introduces the material composition of the hot air whitening non-woven fabric. The characteristics of the product are still relatively clear, with the functions of flame retardant and antistatic. If you want to buy this kind of product, you are welcome to come to us. Our products are of good quality and worth buying.