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Health Medical Products Non-woven Materials Production Equipment

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2018-01-02
This article gives a brief introduction of the special requirements of nonwovens for health and medical products. From the aspects of fiber structure, spinning process, consolidation process after fiber net consolidation, spinning system combination and other factors related to product quality, as well as domestic equipment performance, external equipment market profiles and other aspects of analysis, provide equipment selection reference, and pointed out SS, SSS, SSMMS production line is the more mainstream models. Let's take a look at it.
1. health, medical products with non-woven materials characteristics
Melt spinning mesh non-woven fabric and disposable products
Melt spunlaid nonwovens mainly refers to the spunbond method, meltblown method and spunbond method / meltblown method / spunbond method (SMS) nonwovens, the application has penetrated into various fields, in developed countries, The number of materials used for hygiene and medical products will reach 50% of the total output and will still increase at a faster rate.
Due to different application areas, disposable hygiene products (refers to baby diapers, feminine hygiene products, incontinence products, etc.) generally refer to baby diapers. Medical disposable nonwovens a wide range of products, mainly refers to the medical protective clothing, control of infectious supplies, isolation supplies, ward appliances, operating room supplies.
2. The choice of raw material fibrils
At present, spunbonded nonwoven fabrics and SMS nonwoven fabrics used for domestic sanitary and medical products are basically circular cross-section monocomponent fibers using polypropylene (pp) raw materials.
3. Choose spinning drafting process
According to the principle of spinning drafting points, there are mainly wide slit vacuum drawing process, wide slit negative pressure drawing process and tube drawing process.
4. Net consolidation equipment
There are many ways to consolidate the webs. In the melt-spinning process, the non-woven fabric production line, especially in the SMS production line, is the most commonly used equipment. Currently in the two-component spunbond production line, will use the hot air consolidation process, but not widely used.
5. finishing system
Online finishing system
By adding special additives, the use of "blended spinning" approach, can improve the rigidity of the fiber and the product feel, softness. In addition, hygienic products, water repellent function, smoothness, etc. can be achieved through "online finishing." The "online finishing system" is a system that runs between the hot-rolling mill and the winder on the production line.
6. Winding machine, slitting machine

Large-scale production line commonly used "big diameter, off-line cutting" process, the product of "winding" and "slitting" process in the winding machine, Slitter. Require a constant tension winding machine winder, serrated knife cross-cutting, slitting machine initiative Fangjuan, constant tension winding mode of operation, and the use of disc cutter slitting products. Avoid "burrs" "falling" produce, or the existence of pollutants.
7. Multi-spinning system spunbond production line outlined
Multi-letting system Spunbond production line is mainly SS, SSS two models, before 2012, SS is the production of health products with non-woven materials, the main model in 2013 after the emergence of the SSS production line, still can not replace a large number SS production line capacity will be the long-term coexistence of the two models, therefore, "SSS" model is not a "choice."
8. SMS production technology and SMS non-woven fabric production line basic overview
SMS production technology and SMS non-woven fabric applications
SMS is an abbreviation of Spunbond (S) / Meltblown (M) Spunbond (S) Compounding Nonwovens.
SMS production technology and has integrated the advantages of spunbond, meltblown nonwovens, reached the "complementary advantages." One of the meltblown web has good barrier properties, the upper and lower two layers of spunbond web can play its role in protection and enhancement, evenness, hiding has greatly improved. Therefore, this multi-layer composite made of different materials made of fiber mesh, it is suitable for the manufacture of medical protection products, can also be used to make sanitary products.
9. Comprehensive comments
According to the current equipment market adaptability, competitive advantage, the actual technical level at home and abroad, the price difference in the field of sanitary products, spunbond system selection of domestic "wide slit negative pressure drawing" SS, SSS Production line is feasible, which can be optional with some foreign hot-rolling mill, winding machine, cutting machine to achieve high-speed production line, high performance.
For some companies that consider both the high-end medical material market and the wholesome materials, the domestic SSMMS production line is a "one-machine, multi-functional" machine, but it must pay attention to the production of two kinds of performance Different products, in the equipment (such as hot-rolling mill, finishing system, etc.) configuration, workshop environment and other differences, in order to achieve the real "one machine and more able."

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