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From Non-woven Fabrics to Lace Mask Material Constantly Updated

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Industry Information
  • Release on:2018-06-12
Industry insiders say that the mask revolution is a material revolution. From early mud to gypsum, to soft powdered powder, to non-woven fabric masks and silk masks, the so-called “female second skin” has experienced baptism and innovation under the survival rule of the survival of the fittest. Then after the wave of replacements, who will become the next master of facial mask material, whether it is non-woven fabrics or silkworms or newer replacements?

Here are some of the materials that are commonly available on the market:

Non-woven Mask - White Mask

The arrival of non-woven masks(China non woven mask factory) has opened the real mask era. Compared with the previous mask mud and soft film powder, the non-woven fabric(non woven mask on sales) directly carries the essence, which is more convenient, simpler, and more comfortable. Therefore, it is loved by consumers and has been sold well in China for many years. However, ordinary non-woven fabric(non woven mask manufacturer) mask texture is heavy, poor docile nature, the absorption effect of the essence is not good, because the material is whitish, deposited on the face like a "white mask" is not beautiful.

Silk Mask - Invisible Killer

Because of the advantages of thinner and more docile silk masks, a “silk facial mask fever” has been set off in the market. However, the quality of silk masks is not stable. If the heavy metal elements in the material composition exceed the standards, the materials will be yellow, and after a period of time, It will also lead to changes in essence, so it is called "invisible killer."

In such a market environment, a material that is safe, comfortable, and highly effective is urgently needed to break this market pattern and maximize the effectiveness of mask skin care so that the majority of beauty-loving women can reap beautiful joys and make beauty more durable and safer.

Based on this market awareness, breaking the barrier of traditional materials, the industry launched the first lace-hydrogel mask in China with the first lace gold mask. Through research, it has been found that lace hydrogel mask is more secure, more comfortable, more efficient and more beautiful than traditional non-woven fabrics and silk masks.

First of all, the lace hydrogel mask subverts the visual effects of traditional non-woven facial masks that resemble a white mask. No longer have to worry about scaring people around them because even in the process of masking is very beautiful and sexy. It is tempting to highlight the unique charm of women.

Secondly, Lace Hydrogel Mask has excellent stretching tension, soft and silky texture, and strong skin-friendly strength. No matter the size of the face, it can wrap facial skin without gaps, enabling every face of the face to be covered with fine lines. Get nourishing and carefree with all-round no-cornered corners, which helps lift and firm skin and nourish whitening.

Once again, the enriched essence of Lace Hydrogel Mask is rich in a lot of nutrients, condensed into a gel mask that can be used as an intensive care and is not recommended for daily use. The silk mask has limited storage capacity and can only absorb a certain amount of nutrients.

Finally, hydrogels are made of natural polymers, which are medical grade and very safe.

From non-woven fabrics to lace, the mask materials are continuously updated, and in order to meet the needs of many beauty-conscious women skin care, it also promotes the rapid development of the mask industry.