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Five properties of needle-punched non woven fabric

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2019-05-09
In the market of needle-punched cotton non-woven fabrics, it is not unusual for wholesale needle-punched cotton non-woven fabrics, but for many wholesalers who have just come into contact with needle-punched cotton non-woven fabrics, the recognition is still not high. Today, we will popularize the five properties of needle-punched cotton non-woven fabrics.

Hygienic performance:

The raw material of the needle-punched cotton non-woven fabric(Polyester Felt Wholesale) is a chemical synthetic fiber, polyester fiber. After many inspections, verifications and practices, it has been proved that the polyester fiber has no irritation or negative contact with the skin and is very friendly to the skin. The application fields include bedding, clothing, medical treatment, etc., which have good gas permeability and antibacterial properties and are the main indicators of hygienic performance.

Hygroscopic performance:

Needle-punched cotton non-woven raw material polyester fiber has a hydrophilic group monomer or oligomeric polyethylene glycol to copolymerize, improve the moisture absorption rate of the fiber, and there is a large amount of air between the fibers, so the needle-punched cotton non-woven The cloth has good moisture absorption properties.

Polyester Felt Wholesale, Needle Punched Felt Fabric Supplier, Craft Fabric VendorPolyester Felt Wholesale, Needle Punched Felt Fabric Supplier, Craft Fabric Vendor

Insulation performance:

The needle-punched cotton non-woven fabric(Needle Punched Felt Fabric Supplier) itself has a high density of porosity, and is repeatedly pierced by the thorn for the fiber web, and is reinforced by high pressure, so that the elasticity and the pulling force are good. Then, it has the characteristics of high density, good elasticity, etc. It can be applied to bedding, clothing, etc., and the thermal insulation performance is very good.

Wrinkle resistance:

As mentioned earlier, the elasticity of the needle-punched cotton non-woven fabric(Craft Fabric Vendor) is very good, and its resilience is also quite good. At the time of production, after fine combing, the fluffy web is reinforced and reinforced to obtain strength, which makes the tensile force, restoring force and wrinkle resistance very good.

Heat resistance:

The needle-punched cotton non-woven fabric has good heat resistance and does not damage the fiber at a high temperature of 150 degrees. Therefore, the needle-punched cotton non-woven fabric is used at normal temperature, and the washing and high-temperature printing and dyeing are not affected, thereby improving the performance of the long-life period.

The above is the five major properties of needle-punched cotton non-woven fabrics, I hope to be helpful to everyone!