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Factors Affecting the Sterilization Period of Medical Non Woven Fabrics

  • Release on:2019-09-06
Medical non-woven fabrics are often used insome medical device packaging or medical supplies, and have good sterilization effects, but sometimes they may affect the sterilization period due to improper operation and the like.

1. Medical non-woven(China SMS Non-woven Roll Factory) sterilized articlesshould be paid attention to when transporting, because the way of transportation will also affect the expiration date of the sterilized articles;

2. In the medical non-woven(Non Woven Medical Products Wholesale) sterilized articles, the airtightness of the packaging materials is also an important factor affecting the expiration date. Therefore, the sterilized articles mustbe of a higher quality type of non-woven fabric;

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3, the sterilization items should choosethe correct sterilization method, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the sterilization products;

4. The storage environment of medical non-woven(PP SMS Nonwovens On Sales) sterilized articles should be a separate restricted area, and eachclinical department should also place the sterilized sterile items in acrystallized aseptic cabinet.

Pay attention to these factors, which can effectively ensure that the sterilization period of medical non-woven fabricsis not affected and improve the use effect.