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Extended use of laminated non-woven fabric

  • Release on:2020-09-28
Laminated composite non-woven fabric is also called laminating non-woven fabric(Composite Non Woven Fabric Vendor). This kind of fabric is a new type of fabric. The difference from laser non-woven fabric is that one is composite and the other is embossed. Laminated composite non-woven fabric is dozens of grams more weight than laser non-woven fabric, and thicker. Laminated composite non-woven fabric is more hand-feel than composite non-woven fabric, and the texture to the touch is better than laser composite non-woven fabric With a sense of reality.

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The laminated non-woven fabric(Laminated Non Woven Fabric Wholesale) can be used alone or as an accessory material for other products. That is, it can be extended into other products, and it can be used as a secondary material. But when we directly use the coated non-woven fabric, it is easy to find that it can be used directly, needless to say. But if it is used as an extended material, do you know which ones?

The first one: the direction and industry used directly as the coated non-woven fabric.

The second one: Laminated non-woven fabric(Composite Nonwovens Factory) is used as a waterproof and warm material in greenhouse insulation, which is a direction for many applications. However, as the interlayer, it is not a two-layer fabric.

The third: good quality coated non-woven fabrics, especially pure raw materials, can be used as home improvement products in our family. For example, it can be affixed to the wall as a sound insulation or as a beautiful decoration.

Therefore, do not underestimate the laminated non-woven fabric. Although it is not a very eye-catching product, as one of the few coating products, if the quality is to be raised to a very good height, its scope of use may be wider, at least in agriculture than it is now. It is much better to use.