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Do you know what is waterproof polyester filament nonwovens?

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  • Release on:2019-01-17
Do you know what is waterproof polyester filament nonwovens?

Waterproof polyester filament non-woven fabric is also called waterproof geotextile, also called waterproof filament geotextile.

The waterproof polyester filament non-woven fabric refers to a geotextile material(China Geofabrics Manufacturer) which is made of a plastic film as a barrier substrate and is combined with a non-woven fabric. It can effectively intercept the sand loss, drain the excess liquid and gas in the soil structure, and enhance the stability of the building structure to improve the soil quality. Polyester filament non-woven fabric should be waterproof, and it must be composited with waterproof and impervious material. Once this geotextile is combined with this waterproof and impervious material, it is used for waterproofing and anti-seepage. The use of the membrane.

The waterproof polyester filament filament non-woven bag(China Polyester Felt Sheet Supplier) is made of suitable stretchability, high strength, good fireproofing, waterproofing, sealing, sound insulation and thermal insulation. For other types of cofferdams, 400g filament geotextiles with high tensile strength can be used for the inner slope of the cofferdam, and the anti-filter layer can be used to filter the water out of the crucible to retain the mud after the impact of the water flow. The carcass does not slide and collapse. Depending on the application, it can also be called permeable geotextile, and it can also be called waterproof geotextile for waterproofing with polyethylene. The technical indicators of waterproof geotextile generally only calculate the strength of the fabric, and the strength of the membrane is negligible.

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The cofferdam is a temporary retaining structure, which is generally removed after use. Some cofferdams are waterproof, and some cofferdams are not waterproof. According to the structure, there are steel structure cofferdams, stone cofferdams, wooden pile cofferdams and waterproof concrete. Ester filament non-woven cofferdam, soil waterproof polyester filament non-woven cofferdam refers to a bag made of filament geotextile, filled with sand, earth or cement, and then stacked into a cofferdam. The waterproof and waterproof polyester filament non-woven fabric project acceptance should meet the following technical requirements: the design and construction unit should submit all the technical documents required by the acceptance team. The acceptance conclusion shall be “qualified” or “unqualified” and the main basis for the conclusion shall be indicated. On-site visual inspection and acceptance of the appearance quality of the project. Randomly check the seam or splicing point quality on site.

The waterproof polyester filament non-woven fabric(Highway Nonwovens Factory) uses a plastic film as the anti-seepage substrate and a geotextile material composited with the non-woven fabric, and its anti-seepage property mainly depends on the anti-seepage property of the plastic film.