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Do you know the method of loquat non woven bagging?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2018-09-04
Loquat bagging method:

1.Types and specifications of bags

Choose bagging fruit bags, the general typeof paper used kraft paper, sulfuric acid paper or fruit bags special paper (bypolishing, waxing, film pressing, soaking and other processes), such as white,yellow, orange, etc. But now a new non woven fruit bag(China fruit bag factory) is also suitable for loquat bagging.

Red meat varieties coated with white paperbags had red color, high sugar content and 2-3 days earlier maturity, and wereprone to physiological obstacles during high temperature and drying at maturitystage. Fruits coated with orange paper bags(insect prevention bag company) were not prone to physiologicalobstacles, but the sugar content decreased, coloring was late and the ripeningperiod was delayed by nearly one week. Between the bags. In recent years,plastic film bagging has been used in many places to increase the sugar contentof fruit and promote early maturity, but the fruit is easy to sunburn.

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2. Method

Before bagging, a part of the spike branches and axes which are too much are removed. Usually 2-3 spikes per spikeare reserved, then the diseases, insects, frost bitten fruits or mechanically damaged fruits are removed, then the small fruits and dense fruits are removed,and the slightly rounded fruits in the middle are retained. Trees with vigorous vigor, strong bearing branches and more leaves, as well as the middle and lower parts of the canopy should be retained more, on the contrary, less. After fruit thinning, it must be sprayed with a mixture of disinfectant and insecticide.After spraying, wait for the medicine to dry.

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We should abide by the principle of carefulhandling from top to bottom, from inside to outside. Do not touch the youngfruit with your hands, prevent fruit from forming fruit rust, do not bump fruitand prevent fruit drop. Put the mouth of the bag fully open, hold the bottom of the bag(non woven dustproof bag supplier) in your hand, and put the young fruit into the bag. The position issuitable to prevent the fruit from touching the bag surface, so as to reduce sun burn. When the base of the bag is tightened, it can be fastened with nylonthread or clamped by staples. Each batch of bags should be marked on the bag todistinguish the maturity period from time to time so that it can be identifiedat harvest time. If a paper bag breaks down in the middle, it is necessary tofix it in time. Peel the bag when picking.