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Do you know non woven napkins?

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  • Release on:2018-09-13
Do you know non woven napkins?

There is a fundamental difference betweennapkins and toilet paper. The production process, quality and hygiene standardsof the two are different and cannot be replaced. Napkin paper(non woven tablemat company) has strictdisinfection requirements, and it is made of virgin pulp. Toilet paper isbasically made of recycled pulp, so when you use the toilet paper to wipe themouth, there will be paper dust falling. This is because it is made of recycledpaper. s reason. Therefore, it is best not to use this kind of poor toiletpaper when customers are dining.

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It is understood that napkins(China tableware mat supplier) are calledtissue paper according to national standards, including facial tissues, wetwipes, etc., while wrinkle toilet paper is ordinary household paper, whichcannot be used when eating. The "Light Industry Standards of the People'sRepublic of China" has different standards for paper towels and wrinkletoilet papers in terms of raw materials, sanitary standards and qualitystandards. For example, the production workshop of tissue paper must bedisinfected and isolated according to the requirements of disposable hygieneproducts(spunbond non woven mat supplier). There is no special requirement for the toilet paper productionworkshop; the tissue paper must have a separate minimum package to ensure that itis kept from the factory to the use. It is hygienic to the outside world, whiletoilet paper can generally be used in large packages; toilet paper only definesthe total number of bacteria, and tissue paper is refined to limit the numberof bacteria. Generally speaking, the pulp used for better napkins or facialtissues is better, and the recycled paper is not used for repeated processing,and the sanitary requirements are relatively high; while the toilet paper ismostly processed with recycled paper, and the sanitary level is relativelypoor.