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Do you know how to increase the load-bearing capacity of non-woven fabrics?

  • Release on:2019-12-25
Non-woven fabric can make a lot of things, use it to be environmentally friendly, you can make things like bags, you can store things, and improve its load-bearing ability to make it not easy to break, stronger, improve its quality, manufacturers, manufacturers Will take into account its load bearing:

1.Cross at the handle

During the movement of the non-woven fabric(Polypropylene Non-Woven Material Wholesale), most of the force will be borne at the four points of the handhold. If these four points have good load-bearing properties and are not easy to tear, the load-bearing properties will be greatly enhanced. So do the crossover at the hand.

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2.Trolley to bottom or full circle

If you move the cart to the bottom of the bag or make a full circle around the bag, the load-bearing area of ​​the non-woven fabric(PP Nonwovens On Sales) will increase many times, and you will not rely on the four points at the hand to support it. The entire front and back of the bag will be shared, and the load-bearing performance is greatly enhanced.

The non-woven fabric(PP Non-Woven Fabric Supplier) has a strong load-bearing property, which means that it has good toughness and will not be torn. During production, you can cut a part to conduct experiments to verify its load-bearing capacity and whether it can bear relatively heavy things. Use it for a long time, and use it as little as possible to hold heavy items.