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Do you know how many Korean mini bouquet packaging methods?

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Do you know how many Korean mini bouquet packaging methods?

2018-01-29 15:09:46
According to the style of the bouquet packaging, ornamental surface, the way there are many kinds of classification, here we classify the package by viewing the classification. Divided into two categories, one-sided and multi-faceted.

One side is seen from the side of the past, the back of the paper and the paper is higher than the flower, mainly used in fan-shaped bouquet and semicircular bouquet;
Multi-faceted is 360 degrees watch, wrapping paper into a circle around the bouquet, the paper is lower than the flowers, mainly used in the round bouquet;

Subdivided surface can be subdivided Funnel-shaped, shovel-shaped, trapezoidal.

Funnel shape:
Partial style garden fresh, in particular, use kraft paper with green and white yellow flowers. My habit is to cut two sheets of paper, one on the lower one for the back and the other one on the one for the front, paying attention to symmetry. This type of packaging difficult for beginners in the symmetry is not easy to do.

Shovel shape:
One of the most clearly showcased flowers in a single package, because the paper in the back, the front is not paper, viewing angle is very wide. Such packaging need to tie the flower when the good shape, to ensure that each can be exposed, do not block. Also need to do from the color level, otherwise it will be very monotonous thin. For beginners, this packing difficulties in the knot is the place where the hand wrapped around the ribbon, it is easy to knot too low, exposing the flower root ugly.

I like this package very much, because it is full, easy to make the bouquet as a whole looks full. Here is a tip, the paper slightly higher than the flowers 1-2cm, can not be too high, too much too much white space, empty, and top-heavy, and secondly pinch the paper must pay attention to the paper pinch back and pay attention to pinch an approximation Right angle of 90 degrees, if the forward package will be very crowded and will become v-type.

Round shape:
Be considered a lower technical requirements, as long as the paper around the flowers can be done on a piece. Also pay attention to pinch a right angle, made of a ladder type. Paper can be slightly inclined point of view, so that the packaging is not the same horizontal line, the construction of multi-point lines will be more vivid.

Finish talking about something else. First of all I like to do the color on the overlap, the color can be done on the level, such as gray light dark gray, you can also use the soft colored soft paper filled with cardboard outside, so the packaging will be rich point, the paper is white White with what color will not be wrong, the same color with the line. I favor paper on the hard paper, pearl paper jam loofah paper is very hard paper, well pinch out a good angle to do a fluffy, but the price is expensive. Finally, I sometimes like to add a layer of cellophane, must be transparent and clean, stiff, it looks very bright and very upscale.

The above is for flower packaging introduction,if you want to konw more, please click nonwoven product supplier.