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Demand For Flame Retardant Nonwovens In The Home Industry

  • Release on:2019-11-27
The good flame retardancy of flame retardant non-woven fabrics not only plays an important role in the fields of agriculture, industry, etc., but also plays an important role in the household industry. Let us briefly refer to it below.

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1. Soft furniture enterprises (mainly including sofas and mattresses). The demand for flame retardant non-woven fabrics(Flame Retardant PP Non-woven Fabric Wholesale) is mainly concentrated on spring covering materials, structural body covering materials, flame retardant insulation layers and auxiliary materials.

2. The covering materials of springs and structures are mainly concentrated in textile materials, needle-punched materials, spunbond materials. The main raw material of the heat insulationlayer is flame retardant fiber (including flame retardant viscose, flame retardant polyester, flame retardant polypropylene and aromatic wind Material,etc.).

3. Some mattress manufacturers(Flame Retardant Nonwovens Manufacturer) use hard cotton and low melting point fibers to produce mattress materials through hotair production. This material is mainly used to replace sponge materials.

4. In the home textile market, bedding, pillows, and other products that use fiber as a filling material, the fiber'scovering material is mainly a flame-retardant non-woven fabric(Flame Retardant Spunbond Nonwovens Factory), and the amount of its product varies according to the size of the enterprise.

With the improvement of people's safety awareness, whether it is decoration materials or furniture in home decoration,products with a certain degree of fire resistance will be selected, so the application of flame retardant nonwovens will become more and more widespread.