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Cold Cloth Manufacturers: Several Suggestions For Citrus Production

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2019-07-09
Recognize the situation, maintain a rational mentality, and operate steadily

In 2018, the overall fruit market in the country was relatively stable. Due to severe frost damage during the Qingming Festival, the price of apples and pears has risen, but the price increase has affected the sales progress. Although citrus has certain advantages over other fruits in terms of price, but citrus is in the period of mass listing, fruit farmers should have reasonable expectations, and must not be evaluated at high prices. Don’t hesitate to sell, strictly control quality, pay attention to post-harvest treatment, pass high Quality gains high income. The majority of dealers must not only protect the income of fruit farmers, but also control market risks. Both production and sales work together to do a good job in this year's citrus business.

Properly expand and maintain rationality

At present, the citrus market has better benefits than other markets. Blindly expanding in some areas, excessively pursuing production, neglecting the phenomenon of variety diversification and refined management will result in a single variety and low standardization of quality. Suffering from oversupply, directly harming the interests of fruit farmers(Agricultural Covering Nonwovens On Sales) and fruit traders is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry, so the expansion needs rationality.

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Give play to regional advantages and rationally adjust the variety structure

China's citrus varieties are mainly medium-maturing, accounting for about 75%. The phenomenon of centralized listing is more obvious, which is easy to cause seasonal fruit sales. Variety of varieties is the key to the citrus market. It is necessary to give full play to location advantages while integrating market demand. The needs of consumers, adjust the proportion of precocious, medium-ripe and late-maturing varieties to play a complementary advantage, try to lengthen the sales season and try to avoid the phenomenon of concentrated citrus listing.

Multi-channel expansion of sales channels

Actively grasp the domestic and international markets. Make full use of production and marketing docking, promotion display, marketing promotion and online and offline platforms to integrate multi-channel to promote citrus publicity and sales, especially the wholesale market is the main channel for agricultural(Non Woven Mulch Manufacturer) product circulation, cooperation between production areas and strengthening major wholesale markets, integrating market procurement Resources, integration of product resources in the production area, to achieve accurate docking of production and marketing.

Cold-proof cloth manufacturers(Agriculture Cover Wholesale) believe that to adapt to consumption upgrades and meet medium and high-end needs, we can expand new sales channels.

All production areas should adjust their development ideas in a timely manner, take quality as the guide, implement the supply-side structural reform and deployment, adhere to quality and fruit, brand and strong fruit, and vigorously implement the “three-product” strategy of increasing varieties, improving quality and creating brands, and further enhance The core competitiveness of the industry adapts to consumption upgrades to meet medium and high-end needs.