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Classification and function of agricultural non-woven fabrics

  • Release on:2020-11-13
Classification of agricultural non-woven fabrics:

Different types of agricultural non-woven fabrics(Agricultural Ground Cover Manufacturer) are different in specific application fields. In fact, there are many types of non-woven fabrics produced by non-woven fabric manufacturers, and agricultural non-woven fabrics belong to one of these categories. Agricultural non-woven fabrics are also divided into many types, which can be divided into seedling non-woven fabrics according to their specific application fields. , Covering non-woven fabrics, agricultural insulation non-woven fabrics, grass-proof non-woven fabrics, greening non-woven fabrics, etc.

The seedling raising cloth used is agricultural non-woven cloth(Agriculture Nonwoven Cover Company) used for growing rice and other crops. The use of rice seedling cloth greatly saves labor, shortens the production cycle, and increases rice yield. The seedlings covered with non-woven fabrics not only have the advantages of convenient operation and management, but also improve the microclimatic conditions in the nursery shed, create a good ecological environment for the growth and development of rice seedlings, improve the emergence rate and seedling quality, energy saving, heat preservation, ventilation, Light weight, soft, practical, durable, long service life, washable, and have good physical and chemical properties.

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The role of agricultural non-woven fabrics:

The use of agricultural non-woven fabrics(Agriculture Mat On Sales) to cover crops on the land improves the yield and quality of crops. Placing a very light and soft agricultural non-woven fabric on the seedbed creates a microclimate that can control heat and humidity, protects plants from adverse weather conditions and pests, and accelerates their growth.

In the application of capillary nets, agricultural non-woven fabrics promote the healthy growth of flowers and vegetables in greenhouses by using soilless cultivation methods. Agricultural non-woven fabric has high strength, durability and elasticity, effectively avoids frost and insect damage, and has good permeability, which is beneficial to control the growth of weeds.

The aperture between the intersecting agricultural non-woven fibers is large enough for air and water to reach the crops, but it is also small enough to prevent insects. This protective measure can make plants and crops grow healthily without using pesticides and herbicides.

Agricultural non-woven fabrics have a certain effect on improving agricultural production, especially the application of agricultural thermal insulation non-woven fabrics in agricultural planting, which plays an important role in increasing the output of agricultural products. It is precisely because agricultural thermal insulation non-woven fabrics have a very Good heat preservation and moisturizing function, so now agricultural planting is inseparable from agricultural non-woven fabrics!