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Characteristics and Certification Standards of Non Woven Fabrics

  • Release on:2019-08-29
A. The most basic characteristics of non-woven fabrics are: quantitative, thickness, uniformity, moisture regain

B. Non-woven material(PP Non Woven Cloth Supplier) performance test standards:

a) International Standards Organization:ISO

b) World Nonwovens Industry Association:INDA

c) European disposable materials and nonwovens association: EDANA

d) American Society for Materials and Experiments: ASTM

e) EU CE certification

f) US FDA certification

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C. Quantification of non-woven fabric: Itis the so-called gram weight, which refers to the mass per unit area, in gramsper square meter (g/m2).

D. Determination of non-woven fabric(Embossed Non-woven Fabric Manufacturer) quantitative: sampling, humidity control, weighing, calculation of unit areaquality and coefficient of variation CV value.

E. Thickness of non-woven fabric: The distance between the two surfaces of the fabric subjected to the specified pressure.

F. Non-woven fabric can be divided into thickness according to thethickness:

a) fluffy type non-woven fabric: when the pressure of the non-woven fabric(PP Nonwovens On Sales) is increased from 0.1 KPa to 0.5 KPa, the compression ratio of the thickness of the nonwoven fabric reaches or exceeds 20%.

b) Ordinary type non-woven fabric: a clothother than a fluffy type nonwoven fabric.

G. Nominal thickness: The thickness measured under a certain pressure.

H. Absolute compressibility: The difference between the post-measurement and the nominal thickness measured under 10 times of pre-stressing conditions.

I. Relative compressibility: the ratio ofabsolute compressibility to nominal thickness.

J. Bulk Density: The ratio of the quantification of a sample to the volume occupied by the sample under nominal thickness conditions.