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Call for free trade in nonwovens and products worldwide

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Call for free trade in nonwovens and products worldwide

2019-06-26 10:35:22
Nonwovens are a highly globalized industry with frequent investment and trade between major countries that together contribute to the prosperity of the global nonwovens industry.

Faced with the complex domestic and international environment and the changing nonwovens market, China's non-woven fabric(Polypropylene Spunbond Nonwovens Supplier) industry adheres to innovation and leads the way in the international market. It is understood that Zhejiang Chaolong Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. has installed and operated more than 800 “Changlong” non-woven fabric production lines in more than 30 countries and regions around the world; Tiandingfeng Holdings has customers in more than 20 countries and regions; Zhejiang Wangjin Nonwovens Cloth Co., Ltd. and foreign users jointly develop special specifications and special-purpose products to achieve both production and sales; Shanghai Shenda has transformed from a traditional spinning and weaving textile enterprise to become a car with more than 50 factories worldwide. With the textile multinational enterprises, after successfully acquiring the automotive soft decoration and acoustics business of the American IAC Group, it has become the largest industrial textile production enterprise in China at this stage.

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The open Chinese market also provides a broad space for development for foreign nonwovens(China PP Spunbond Wholesale) companies. Berry International Group, headquartered in Indiana, USA, is based in Asia and serves the world. It entered the Chinese market in 1994. In July 2017, Berry invested in a Raffin 5 non-woven fabric equipment in Foshan City, providing 20,000 tons of new capacity. It is expected to start commercial operation at the end of this year; at the end of 2018, it will invest in a high-efficiency melt in Foshan City. Spray filtration equipment, focusing on high-end applications in air purifiers, industrial masks and automotive air conditioning filtration markets. By continuously expanding investment, Berry is continuously deepening the strategic layout of “winning in China”.

"At the moment when trade protectionism is on the rise, we call for ensuring that global nonwovens(Spunbond Polypropylene Fabric Company) and products are freely traded under conditions of low tariffs and even zero tariffs, giving full play to the advantages of each country, ensuring the healthy and sustainable development of global industries and creating more for the world. Welfare.” Li Lingshen said that the China Industrial Textiles Industry Association has been maintaining close communication with major global industry organizations such as the American Nonwovens Association and the European Nonwovens Association, in the international standards, statistical data, exhibitions and markets of nonwovens. And friendly cooperation in international trade rules and other aspects, and achieved a series of results.