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Application of ES Fiber Non-woven Fabric

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2017-10-31
ES fiber is one of the most ideal hot-viscose fiber, which is mainly used for non-woven thermal bonding process. When the web after carding is thermally bonded by hot rolling or hot air penetration, the low melting point component forms melt adhesion at the intersection of the fibers, and after cooling, the fiber at the non-intersecting point remains in its original state Is a "point-like adhesive" rather than "zone bonding" form, so the product has a fluffy, soft, high strength, oil absorption, vampire and so on. In recent years, the application of thermal bonding technology has developed rapidly, completely dependent on these new synthetic fiber materials.

ES fibers are mixed with PP fibers for acupuncture or hot tack and treatment, so that ES fibers are cross-linked and bonded to each other, which has the advantage of not using adhesives and substrate fabrics.

ES fiber and natural fibers, man-made fibers, pulp and other mixed, through the wet laid non-woven processing technology, can greatly improve the strength of non-woven fabrics.

ES fibers can also be applied to the spunlace method, the fibrous web through the hydraulic puncture processing intertwined, dry, the fiber curling so that each other instead of melt bonding, the formation of non-woven with stretch performance.

ES fiber has a wide range of applications, it is the most widely used areas of hygiene products cladding material, because the ES fiber softness, low temperature processing, non-toxic and non-irritating and lightweight, so the manufacture of high-grade women's sanitary napkins and diapers The ideal material for hygiene products. The United States, Western Europe, Japan, the three major characteristics of the three markets is the use of non-woven fabrics is the largest use of non-woven areas. In Japan, because of their emphasis on quality, the ratio of composite fibers used is very high, ES fiber in the amount of sanitary materials accounted for 70% of its total. With the further opening of our country and the improvement of people's living conditions, gradually improve the grade of health supplies, the use of high proportion of ES fiber non-woven fabrics, is the inevitable trend of the future development of the market.

ES fiber can also be used in carpets, automotive wall materials and mats, cotton tires, health mattresses, filter materials, insulation materials, horticultural home materials, hard fiber board, absorbent materials and packaging materials.

In short, the production of composite fiber spinning ES fiber has been gradually recognized by people, with the continuous development of its products, development and application of new non-woven products will continue to develop, develop and application of new non-woven products will continue to develop , Will change the status of China's industrial textiles, and to meet the needs of people to play a more important role.