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Application and Prospect of New Non woven Honeycomb Composite Panels

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Application and Prospect of New Non woven Honeycomb Composite Panels

2018-03-20 10:54:38
At present, the watering finishing technology of non-woven honeycomb composite boards has been successfully applied to the construction of mobile board houses and has been put into the market. The concept of a mobile board room combined with a honeycomb is designed into a hexagonal shape, which not only gives full play to the properties of the material, but also fully reflects the sense of the times and the design. The built mobile board room has the properties of flame retardancy, light weight and low cost.
The non-woven honeycomb composite board has simple manufacturing process, rich raw material types, low production cost, short production cycle, superior flame-retardant and heat-insulating performance, strong bearing capacity, and being light and easy to install, and can also adjust its physical and chemical properties according to specific requirements. It can replace the organic insulation materials used in the external walls of buildings widely used in the existing market, greatly reducing the probability of fire occurrence, effectively reducing the cost of energy-saving insulation renovation projects, and can save more innocent lives and reduce property losses in the event of fire. It can improve the safety of building materials to a certain extent (flame-retardant, fireproof, seismic, etc.). The non-woven honeycomb composite board is not only suitable for the construction of general dwellings, factories, and mobile board houses, but also can be used in special requirements such as military warehouses, military manufacturing, chemical flammable and explosive goods warehouses, aerospace and other high-end fields, energy saving.

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