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Anti-hydrostatic Pressure Effect in SMS Nonwoven Fabric

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Anti-hydrostatic Pressure Effect in SMS Nonwoven Fabric

2019-07-02 13:52:47
Hydrostatic pressure refers to the pressure at which a stationary liquid acts on a unit of pressurized area. The antistatic hydrostatic pressure of the fabric is the static water pressure that the fabric can withstand the resistance encountered by the water through the fabric. It is an important indicator of the barrier property of the fabric to water. It has important significance in medical protective equipment, such as in China. The promulgated "Technical Requirements for Medical Disposable Protective Clothing" (GB19082-2003) imposes mandatory regulations on the liquid barrier function of protective clothing. When the hydrostatic pressure is 167 kPa, the protective clothing shall not penetrate; the moisture permeability shall not be less than 2500g. /m2.

Surgical gowns and surgical gowns are equally safe for patients and doctors because microorganisms are also carried in when the fluid penetrates the material, so the surgical gown must be able to prevent the penetration of liquids and the accompanying bacteria. Studying the factors affecting the hydrostatic pressure of the spunmelt nonwoven fabric can help to find ways to improve the barrier properties of SMS non-woven fabrics(China SMS Non-woven Roll Factory), improve production efficiency, and stabilize and gradually improve the quality of non-woven fabrics(PP SMS Nonwovens Manufacturer) for medical protection. The influence of various process parameters of melt blowing on the anti-hydrostatic performance of the product during the SMS process mainly includes: raw material, melt blowing ratio, screw die temperature, hot air temperature and air volume, receiving distance, machine state and so on.

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There are many indicators involved in the barrier properties of surgical gowns to water, such as anti-static water pressure, spray test, water level, etc. The most common one is anti-hydrostatic pressure. Anti-hydrostatic pressure refers to the ability of the test material to resist the slow rise of water pressure. In the test methods of various systems, the index is judged according to the test area, the water pressure rising speed and the end position determined by several water drops. The larger the amount, the better the barrier properties of the material to water. The SMS non-woven fabric(Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond Fabric Wholesale) has a dense melt-blown layer in the middle, and the fiber has a small linear density, which is basically ultra-fine fiber, which can reach 0.01 dtex~0.05 dtex, which is about 1% of the linear density of ordinary spunbond fiber. The fibers of the meltblown web are very fine and the web is very uniform. When the liquid comes into contact with it, the surface tension liquid is not easily penetrated, and the void formed by the connection between the ultrafine fibers is relatively small, so dust and bacteria are blocked, and the surgical gown is approached to "absolutely clean" effect.