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Affect the price of non-woven fabric eight major factors

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2018-01-04
Affect the price of non-woven fabric eight major factors

Today, non-woven fabrics on the market price varies widely, there is even a uniform material, the same width, the same weight of non-woven fabrics, the price difference is also likely to be great. Therefore, many purchasing staff to buy non-woven, the price is often the biggest one of their troubles. Below, we will put together for everyone to affect the price of non-woven fabric eight major factors.
1, the quality of non-woven fabric itself, in this area by the tensile strength of non-woven fabrics, surface treatment technology, uniformity and feel of the decision.
2. Manufacturers of equipment investment, in fact, can also be drawn to the first, imported equipment with domestic equipment out of the price of cloth is not the same, of course, the quality of cloth will be different.
3, the price of raw materials propylene.
As a non-woven chemical products belonging to the mouth, the raw material is polypropylene, polypropylene is also made of propylene, so the price of propylene will directly affect the price of non-woven fabrics.
4, other factors, such as whether the special specifications and so on.
5, the number of: orders are 1000 as a MOQ, the greater the number, the lower the cost. Procurement of 1 m of cloth and the purchase price of 100 million meters is not the same, the cost of raw materials is low, the cost of the bag will also be low.
6, tax stamp: the same as the freight, tax stamps are generally not included in the quote, if you need to provide an invoice, you need to be informed in advance.
7, Freight: General quotes are free shipping, different regional shipping is also different, so the quotes are not included in the freight inside, the customer requested the case, according to the region, make a budget.
8, the impact of the production area: Because non-woven fabrics in North China, Central China, East China, South China more manufacturers, so in these areas the cost is lower, so that non-woven fabric in these places lower prices, and vice versa , In other regions, by the shipping costs, maintenance costs, storage costs and other factors, the price is relatively high.
The above is my finishing on the impact of the non-woven price factor eight main elements, we can take a serious look. If you want more about nonwoven fabric, please click nonwoven product supplier.