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About Anti-seepage Geotextile

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2019-03-14
The anti-seepage geotextile uses a plastic film as the anti-seepage substrate and a geotextile material composited with the non-woven fabric. Its anti-seepage performance mainly depends on the anti-seepage performance of the plastic film. The plastic film for anti-seepage applications at home and abroad mainly includes polyvinyl chloride (PVC) andpolyethylene (PE). They are a kind of polymer chemical flexible material with small specific gravity, strong elongation, high adaptability to deformation,and corrosion resistance. It has low temperature resistance and good frost resistance. The main mechanism is to block the water leakage passage of the earth dam by the impermeability of the plastic film, to with stand the water pressure and adapt to the deformation of the dam with its large tensile strength andelongation; and the non-woven fabric(China Geofabrics Factory) is also a polymer short fiber chemistry.The material has high tensile strength and elongation by needle punching or hottack forming. When combined with plastic film, it not only increases the tensile strength and puncture resistance of the plastic film, but also therough surface of the non-woven fabric. The friction coefficient of the contact surface is increased, which is beneficial to the stability of the composite geomembrane and the protective layer. At the same time, they have good corrosion resistance to bacteria and chemicals, and are not afraid of acid,alkali and salt.

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Anti-seepage geotextile(Highway Nonwovens Wholesale) function:

The geotextile has good water conductivity,and it can form a drainage channel inside the soil to discharge excess liquidand gas in the soil structure.

Effectively spread, transfer or decomposethe concentrated stress to prevent the soil from being damaged by external forces.

Prevent mixing between sand and gravel,soil and concrete.

High water permeability - still maintain good water permeability under the pressure of soil water

Simple construction - light weight, easy touse, simple construction

The theory of anti-seepage geotextiles(Non Woven Geotextile Company) isstill used by many people. In fact, the more suitable classification of materials for anti-seepage should be composite geomembranes. So with this name,this is the reason for history. Geotextiles are used in geotechnical engineering to solve many problems that cannot be solved by the original project, and also bring simple new methods for solving many problems. The geotextile is combined with the anti-seepage plastic film, which is used toprevent the seepage, so it is called the anti-seepage geotextile.

Anti-seepage geotextile features:

High puncture resistance and large friction coefficient

Good aging resistance and adapt to a wide range of ambient temperatures

Excellent water resistance

Suitable for water conservancy, chemical industry, construction, transportation, subway, tunnel, garbage disposal site,etc.