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What is the use of table runner?

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What is the use of table runner?

2017-03-16 15:41:25
Table runners are placed on the table decorations. Usually table tunner is textile fabric. Many families may not use the table runner, but in the increasingly high quality of life today, the table runner has evolved into a refraction of quality of life and quality of home textiles. For the table runner do not understand the people naturally do not know the role of the table runner. The following Junqian nonwoven for everyone about the role of the table runner, hoping to help everyone.

A)What is a table runner?

The table runner is placed on the table decorations, usually the textile fabric. There are two kinds of table runner: one is the office runner, the other is the home decoration table runner. The desk runner is the desk runner placed on the desk or conference table. It not only represents the position of the state, unit or individual, but also plays a decorative role. Home decoration table runner on the table at home or living room coffee table, so that the table more beautiful.

B)The role of the table runner:

Table runner and no practical use, the biggest role or as an ornament, but also can not underestimate this ornament. Table runner as a home life is very taste of the ornaments, not only with the indoor tableware, dinette and the color of the home and even the overall decoration in harmony, but also should play a role in upgrading the taste and style. At the same time the table runner has an important role is to protect the desktop.

First, the table runner can be added to the monotonous desktop more yuan color; secondly, table runner and chairs soften the hard feeling of the desktop, so that the room looks more warm; third, the table is not good for the change, but the table runner can often change with the use of this can also be our plain home life into the fresh elements.
C)Table runner source:

Its origins originate from Chinese traditional culture. As a decoration it is often laid on the center of the table or on the diagonal. When you talk with the guests at the table, this table runner will make your guests feel thick cultural atmosphere - ancient and mysterious, colorful. The East is always make people can not be pondering. Table runner is generally made of fine silk or cotton and a series of materials made. But more and more people like to use non woven fabric to make disposable table runner. Because it is convenient, and no need to cleaning. It's widely used to dinner place, such as hotel, restaurant, western restaurant, ect.

D)Table runner with the method:

Indonesians like to make table runner with Batick. It's very beautiful. The table runner can be added to the room icing on the cake, but after all, is a supporting role, and do not let it overwhelming. In the choice of collocation, and the material to be coordinated with the desktop, the color can be relatively bold, but do not let people have unexpected feeling. In addition, you can also use some furnishings to resolve the visual conflict, increase the room environment of the elegant atmosphere.

Above is the Junqian nonwoven for everyone to talk about the use of the table runner. More disposable table runner improvement knowledge please pay attention to http://www.nonwovenproductsupplier.com/ .