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What is the difference between regular ear loop material and elastic fabric ear loop material?

  • Release on:2021-12-24
Since the covid-19 epidemic broke out in 2020, the face masks are in a heavy demand for people in global world.
And there are mainly two kinds different material for the ear loop part.

1.Regular ear loop material(China ear loop materials supplier) is made of polyester ,spandex and chinlon.

For 3 ply plain mask, we usually use 2.5/3/3.5mm width round/oblate shape ear loop.
For N95/kn95/kf94/ffp1/ffp2/ffp3 mask, we usually use 5/5.5/6mm width oblate shape ear loop.
The color can be produced to white/black/red/yellow/pink, etc. The color can be customized as per your request.
Some people will feel this kind ear loop material is too narrow and will hurt their ears.

2.The non woven elastic fabric(elastic fabric ear loop factory) is made of polypropylene and elastomer.

Usually the gsm is from 50 to 80.
Color is mainly white/black. The color can be customized, too.
And the elastic fabric is usually to be stamping in a ear loop shape. You can see the below photo:

As you see the different shape of the above two kinds ear loop shapes, the elastic fabric ear loop is with more wider soft and stretchy fabric to protect your ears. You will feel more comfortable than the regular ear loop.

The elastic recovery rate for the fabric is over 90%, soft touch, one/two directions.
The advantage of the elastic fabric is stretchy, breathable, biodegradable, recyclable, eco-friendly, nontoxic.

We can offer both of these elastic ear loop materials(elastic ear loop materials on sales) for the face masks.
For more information about it, please contact us.