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What is the difference between Meltblown Bacteria Filtration BFE and Particle Filtration PFE?

  • Release on:2021-08-06
The difference between melt blown cloth(Mask Meltblown Fabric On Sales) bacterial filtration and particle filtration is very big.

Bacterial filtration is BFE, and particulate filtration is PFE. Let's take medical surgical masks as an example. The testing standard for medical surgical masks is that the BFE filter must be greater than or equal to 95%, while the requirement for PFE particle filtration is 30%.

Because medical surgical masks(Melt Blown Filter Supplier) are mainly used for medical purposes, the scenes they use are mainly for anti-virus, not particulate matter.

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The meltblown cloth BFE test is a biological filtration efficiency test for masks. Perform a particulate filtration efficiency test. Usually, the ultrafine particle size is 1.0μm, 0.5μm, 0.3μm, 0.1μm latex particles to do the attack test.

The PFE test of melt blown cloth(95% Filteration Meltblown Company) uses NACL, and the PFE test is required in common protective masks, so now it is an indispensable item for the particle detection of melt blown cloth manufacturers.

Salt was chosen as the experimental object because salt is a typical representative of penetrating particles. If salt particles can be filtered, filtering other particles is not a problem.