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What is PE nonwovens and PP nonwovens?

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What is PE nonwovens and PP nonwovens?

2018-05-15 16:02:57
Do you know PE nonwovens? Do you know PP nonwovens? What is the difference between PE nonwovens and PP nonwovens(China PP Spun-bonding Non woven Fabric Company)?

The raw material of PE non woven fabric is polyethylene, and the manufacturing process is: PE film composite non woven fabric, PE film is transparent white, which is almost the same as the plastic wrap of our packaged food.

PE film has the following features
Breathability: Excellent uniform air permeability, effective isolation of moisture, heat and moisture.
Softness: It has excellent feel and makes the product more soft and comfortable.
Mechanical properties: Excellent tensile and elongation properties.
Chemical: It is not easy to corrode, printing is simple, and it is high in light and light.
PE non woven fabrics can be used for multiple treatments of non woven fabrics and other fabrics, such as laminating, hot-pressing, glue spraying, and ultrasonic processing. Two or three layers can be processed by compounding. The fabrics are compounded together to produce products with special functions, such as high strength, high water absorption, high barrier properties, and high resistance to hydrostatic pressure. PE composites have been widely used in medical, health, protective, industrial and automotive industries.

PP full name of PP non woven fabric is polypropylene(polypropylene Spun-bonding Non woven Fabric Vendor), NW is non woven fabric. Polypropylene spun-bonded non woven fabric is a type of non woven fabric. It is a kind of polypropylene, and it is a kind of raw material that is polymerized into a net after high-temperature drawing and then bonded by hot-rolling method. Due to the simple process flow and large output, it is non-toxic and harmless to the human body. PP nonwoven means a non woven fabric made of pp fibers. Due to the nature of pp itself, the final performance of the cloth is strong, but poor hydrophilic(Functional Non woven Fabric Vendor) properties. Usually PP non woven fabrics are spun into webs and hot rolled. PP nonwovens are widely used in general, packaging bags, surgical protective clothing, industrial fabrics and so on.

The above is related introduction of PE non woven fabrics and PP non woven fabrics. For more information about PP non woven fabrics, please pay attention to us.