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What is Microfiber spunlace non-woven fabric?

  • Release on:2022-04-27
The microfiber spunlace non-woven fabric (China microfiber spunlace non woven fabric factory) is made of very
fine monofilament diameter and excellent fiber structure.

Gram range:45-120(g/㎡)
It is with good air permeability, softness, high strength,
super water absorption performance and good filtering performance.

The microfiber spunlace non-woven fabric(spunlace fabric distributor)Product features:

1. Soft fabric
2. Do not scratch the surface for the items
3. High wear resistance
4. Low dust fall
5. not easy to break
6. good heat resistance
7. small shrinkage
8. not easy to be affected by dry humidity 

Application areas:

1. Household cleaning: computer, electrical appliances,
glassware, kitchen, bathroom, dining room cloth, etc

2. Industrial wiping: food processing, medical equipment,
printing equipment, automobile manufacturing, etc

3. Dust-free purification: semiconductor, precision
instrument, optical lens, etc

4. Bedding: sheet, quilt cover, pillow towel, etc.

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