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What do you know the advantages and disadvantages of anti grass film cover material?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
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  • Release on:2018-04-19
Today, we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the five types of anti grass film cover material.

Nowadays, more and more agriculture uses weed control materials, and the use of such grass-proof covering materials is one of agricultural physics and grass control techniques. When it comes to covering materials, farmers often use about five kinds. Now we will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of these five materials and analyze them so as to make it easier for everyone to choose the best way to prevent grass.

1.PE film
PE plastic film is a well-known plastic film. The main raw material is polyethylene. It is widely used in various fields of agriculture.
Features: high light transmittance, airtight, impervious, light texture
Advantages: rapid heating, moisture retention, prevent evaporation of water, increase production and maturing
Disadvantages: impervious to water, airtight, low strength, easily damaged, short service life, hard to degrade, contaminated land

2. Plant straw
Features: Agricultural by-products, easy access to materials, abundant resources, low materials costs
Advantages: fertilize the soil, promote long growth, prevent soil erosion in the orchard
Disadvantages: Laying expensive workers, poor cleanliness in the park, and causing fire easily

3. Grasses
Features: Various types, suitable for the place
Advantages: Improve orchard microenvironment and improve soil fertility
Disadvantages: It is easy to compete for fat, compete for water, and infect pests and diseases.

4. Gardening cloth
Features: Latitude and longitude preparation, high strength, good fastness
Advantages: control of weeds, warming and keeping warm, good drainage, tough anti-stepping, long service life
Disadvantages: Breathable, poor water permeability, high initial investment

5. Non woven film cover
Features: New material, sterile, environmentally friendly, degradable
Advantages: breathable, strong water permeability, automatic degradation under natural conditions, warming and protecting the weeds, preventing weeds, long service life
Disadvantages: Strength is less than that of horticultural floor cloths, and initial investment is higher

The above lists the characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of the five different weed control materials. We can refer to these to select our own suitable anti grass cover materials.
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