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What are the uses of wet-laid nonwovens?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2018-10-12
What are the uses of wet-laid nonwovens?Packaging, filtration, and medical treatment are widely used. Let's take acloser look today.

Use of wet nonwovens

The production of wet-laid nonwovens(China Wet-laid Non Woven Supplier) is available in a variety of materials and processes. As long as different fiberraw materials, different processing methods and different finishing processesare selected, non-woven fabric products with different properties and wide applications can be produced, which are widely used in many fields.

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The mechanical strength of wet-laid nonwoven fabrics(Non Woven Wholesale) is much higher than that of paper. The breathability,absorbency and hand-feel can be similar to cloth. It is a new type offiber-thin material in packaging(Home Textile Nonwovens Company), filtration, air purification, medical careand use. Fields such as discarded products are widely used.

(1) Medical hygiene and health care:surgical gowns, caps, masks, pillowcase tapes, plaster cloths, etc.

(2) Filtration and environmental protection: dust masks, vacuum cleaner filter bags, etc.

(3) Electrical and electrical: battery separator paper, carbon fiber electric heating film, infrared radiation film,electromagnetic shielding film, electrical insulation cloth, cable cloth, tapecloth, etc.

(4) Civil engineering and construction:sound insulation materials, heat-proof materials, glass-reinforced reinforcedbase fabrics.

(5) Automotive industry: vaporizer filterair filter, insulation felt, anti-vibration felt, molded material.

(6) Agriculture and gardening: mulch cloth,nursery cloth, pest control cloth, frost-proof cloth, soil insulation cloth.

(7) Packaging materials: composite packaging bags, other packaging materials for luggage materials.

(8) Others: map cloth, annual calendar cloth, canvas, and banknote belt.