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What are the reasons for supporting fruit bagging?

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What are the reasons for supporting fruit bagging?

2018-08-17 12:23:02
What is recycled plastic? Most of therecycled plastics are processed from waste materials such as garbage recyclingmaterials and even medical infusion needles. In addition, the environmentalhygiene in the production process is unqualified. The plastic bags produced areextremely unsafe, and there are generally a large number of toxic and hazardoussubstances. .

The ink solvent in the discarded colorprinting bag contains not only heavy metals such as benzene and lead, but allof these toxic and harmful substances are released freely under certainconditions, and gradually migrate to the fruit with long-term contact withfruits. .

And our consumption of such fruits maycause immeasurable safety hazards to our health.

Anti-party: bagging(grape protection bag wholesale) is good for fruit sales

Most of the foreign fruits have achievedlarge-scale planting, standardized management and industrial production, sopeople's fruit trees can not be bagged.

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However, China is still extensivelyplanted. In the absence of other effective measures to solve the problems ofpesticide residues, commodity rates, and sales markets, it is not feasible toeliminate bagging technology.

In addition, the following three points arethe reason why the fruit has to be bagged!

1. Consumers prefer beautiful fruits

The beauty of the heart is there, consumersdo not know whether the fruit is delicious, but the appearance is beautiful isthe most intuitive, but also willing to buy high-value fruits at high prices!This is the most fundamental reason why farmers use fruit bagging(fruit protection bag on sales) technology.

2. China's fruit processing level is low,capacity is limited

After the light fruit is cleaned andselected, the appearance will become very beautiful, but the simple selectionand classification can not achieve such an effect. Unfortunately, there areonly a few enterprises engaged in fruit selection and processing in China, andthe processing capacity is limited. Far from meeting market demand.

3. Consumers have many misunderstandingsand prejudice against Guangguo

China Fruit Protection Bag Factory, Grape Protection Bag Manufacturer, Non Woven Protection Bag Company

The fruit is long and windy, the fruit iscovered with dust, and it looks ugly and earthy. Many consumers mistakenlybelieve that the quality is very poor. In addition, many consumers believe thatthe fruit that is not bagged(non woven protection bag vendor) uses more pesticides, and the pesticide residuesin the fruit are more than those in the bag. Light fruit is only recognized andfavored by a small number of consumers.

Supporting voices and opposing voices haveformed two camps. If you are, do you support or oppose it? Looking forward tocoming to our message area to talk about your opinion!