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What are the factors to consider when using filter nonwovens?

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What are the factors to consider when using filter nonwovens?

2018-07-10 15:56:21
Different from non woven fabrics and other fabrics, the filter has good filtering effect and is comfortable after use. It is very popular among users. There are many places where it is needed. What factors need to be considered before using it?

1. Generally, the finished filter non-woven fabric(filter nonwovens factory) is sewn with a sewing machine according to the size of the culture shed, so that it becomes a whole, which not only makes the whole shed as a whole is not easy to be blown by the wind, but also has anti-aging effect.
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2, the filter non-woven fabric is generally thicker, the weight is generally above 80 grams, the fiber is thicker, the hand feel is rough, the surface has fine pinholes. In the use position of the roof, from the inside to the outside, the layer is made of plastic cloth, the second layer is for filtering non-woven fabric(filter nonwovens vendor), the third layer is made of plastic cloth, and the fourth layer is made of non-woven fabric(filter nonwovens wholesale). It can also be used according to the climate change of each region. .

The filter nonwoven is convenient to use, non-irritating, and has a weight, but in order to maintain its performance in use, the above factors need to be considered.