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What are the factors in the softness of pp nonwovens?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2018-08-02
In the processing of pp non woven fabrics, due to the influence of chemical adhesives, additives or low-temperature drying, it will stimulate the rough and stiff shortcomings of the hand, which limits the operation of the non woven fabric at certain scales. Many sanitary and protective nonwovens, such as sanitary napkins. All kinds of clean wipes city requests pp non woven fabrics(PP non woven fabric vendor) have better flexibility, so it is necessary to carry out soft and soft liquidation of non woven hygienic materials. The compilation of frequently operated collections includes the compilation of machinery and chemistry.

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1. Mechanical distortion and softening

Mechanically distort the soft and soft liquid. If the process of twisting or shortening the non woven fabric is to reduce the rigidity to achieve a soft and flexible policy, there are two kinds of mechanical processing methods for the soft wheel clearing, namely, the Crabak method and the McRice method.

1. Crabak method

The Klapak method was first operated on the papermaking property and then transplanted into the wet-laid non woven fabric(PP non woven fabric manufacturer), which was pre-shrinked and liquidated by the Saffron. In the following figure, after the treatment, the non woven fabric can obtain excellent flexibility and improve the hand feeling. The liquidation of the method depends on the thickness, elasticity, fiber characteristics, pressure, web structure and hot and humid conditions of the rubber band.

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2. Mike Rex method

The Mike Rex method is very strong for the extrusion of pp non woven fabrics. It produces a crepe pattern in the non woven fabric(spunbond non woven fabric manufacturer) profile, and the delay of the advancement of the non woven fabric increases the unit area component and the profile product. In contrast to the Parker method, this formulation better improves the superior flexibility of the non woven fabric. The McRhein method can be used to test the number of turns and evaluate them by means of process optics, measuring the area growth of the unit or measuring the elongation of the non woven. Therefore, the liquidation of the method depends largely on the geometry of the crotch region and the input and output speed of the pp non woven fabric.