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What are the benefits of fruit bagging?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2018-08-31
The advantages of fruit bagging include: prevention and control of pests and diseases, reduction of the number of medications, reduction of fruit surface pollution, improvement of fruit quality, improvement of fruit grade and price, reduction of mechanical damage and disasters, etc.; disadvantages: quality of fruit bags, large labor Labor force is tight, and some fruits have the effect of reducing the internal quality.

(1) Advantages

1. Control pests and diseases and reduce the number of medications.

In the production process of fruit trees, in order to reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases, it is necessary to apply drugs several times a year. After bagging(China fruit bag on sales), the number of medications can be greatly reduced. For example, in Beijing, apple bagging cultivation can reduce the number of fights 4-5 times a year. According to the amount of 400 kg per acre, the amount of 0.25 person/mu per spray medicinal worker can reduce 1600 kg of syrup per acre per year, saving one job.

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2. Reduce fruit surface pollution and improve fruit safety.

After bagging, the amount of pesticide residues on the fruit can be greatly reduced. According to the measurement, 50% methyl parathion and 50% methamidophos are sprayed on the tree. The pesticide residues in the bagged apples(non woven dustproof bag vendor) are not within 1-7 days after administration. The bagging ratio was reduced by 65%-87.76% and 45%-84.85%, respectively.

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3. Improve fruit grade and price.

Due to its good appearance and low pesticide residues, bagged fruit has been recognized and sought after by the market. According to the survey, bagging can increase the price by 50%-300% depending on the variety of fruit varieties. In addition, bagging(insect prevention bag manufacturer) fruit promotes sales and exports due to reduced pollution.

4. Reduce mechanical damage and disasters.

In addition to improving fruit coloration, some fruit bagging purposes also reduce mechanical damage, especially in areas with high winds. In addition, some wintering fruit bagging can help prevent freezing damage, such as banana bagging.