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What are the aspects of geotextile construction inspection?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2017-08-24
Geotextile soil quality grasp of the basic information into the field to grasp the mastery of the process, the process of mastering the earth, the end of soil quality testing.

1, the original material quality to master the approach of geotextiles must be manufacturers need to be like documents, features and characteristics of the target and the use of instructions. Or can not be used to work
2, the process of moving the soil to master the geotextile building before the compilation of a good soil structure, specify the construction methods and skills measures, with the consent of the front of the use of supervision, soil personnel should wear flat shoes or soft rubber shoes to stop building, Step on the bad geotextile, do with the shop with the pressure, geotextile construction and the cover layer to build harmony. Stitching geotextile geotextile geotextile welding quality is the key to stitching, moving in particular to enhance the seams detection, testing methods have a grass test method, two spot leak.

Grass test method geotextile riveting good, check whether the missed, seams can be burned, with or without wrinkles, whether spliced ​​symmetry and so on. Leakage on the spot to adopt the charging method for the whole weld to stop testing, the weld is double, between the two left about 10mm cavity, will be measured at both ends of the sealed, pull out the needle, charge to 0.05mpa0. 20mpa, wait and see 0.5min, inspection vacuum table, such as no pressure landing, indicating no leakage, weld like, do not find the reasons for timely repair. Geotextile high and low part of the anchor is the main link, according to the earthly drawings and supervision by optometry after the earth.