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The role of filament geotextile in civil engineering

  • Release on:2021-02-22
The filament geotextile has the characteristics of high tensile strength, low expansion coefficient, low elongation, and wide temperature adaptability. It also has excellent filtering, drainage, isolation, reinforcement, anti-seepage and protection functions.

The role of filament geotextile in civil engineering   

Railway roadbed reinforcement: Use filament geotextiles(Needle Punch Non Woven Manufacturers) to enhance the bearing capacity of soft soil foundations, improve soil tensile strength and anti-deformation ability, prevent foundation settlement, and achieve overall stability.

Isolation function of hydraulic construction: use filament geotextile to isolate building materials(Geotextile Fabric Supplier) with different physical properties. Will not lose or mix two or more materials, maintain the overall structure and function of the material, and enhance the bearing capacity of the structure.

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Protective function of rivers and dams: When water flows on the soil, the filament geotextile can effectively disperse, transfer or decompose the concentrated stress, prevent the soil from being damaged by external forces, and protect the soil.

Maintenance and moisturizing effect of highway pavement: The filament geotextile can keep the internal temperature and humidity of the concrete relatively constant, which can effectively improve the early strength of the concrete and reduce the generation of micro-cracks.

The filtering effect of tidal flats and sea reclamation: When water flows from the fine soil layer to the coarse soil layer, the geotextile has good air permeability and water permeability, allowing water to flow through and effectively carrying soil particles, fine sand and small stones. To maintain the stability of water and soil engineering.

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