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The role of agricultural nonwovens in greenhouses is reflected in those aspects

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2018-06-16
Agricultural planting and non-woven fabrics(agricultural nonwovens greenhouses factory) are currently inseparable. They are already friends along the way. Speaking of agriculture, we will refer to non-woven fabrics. We collectively refer to them as agricultural non-woven fabrics. So what exactly does his use show in those aspects? Let's take a look at the exciting analysis that we have brought to you. What is the role of agricultural non-woven fabrics in the end?

1. The use of agricultural non-woven fabrics(agricultural nonwovens greenhouses manufacturer) in vegetable greenhouses in winter is already the most mature aspect. This is a well-known event for us. His main function is to incubate greenhouses in winter.

2. The efficacy of agricultural non-woven fabrics is reflected in the culture shed, which plays a very good role in sun protection in the summer and plays a certain role in the winter.

3, The use of agricultural non-woven fabrics is also reflected in the concrete reinforcement of highway maintenance, after the laying of highway concrete, can be a good road to maintain the water, and will not be quickly lost.

4, The effect of agricultural non-woven fabrics(agricultural nonwovens greenhouses on sales) is not only that, in the maintenance of the road and greening, but also winter clothes and flowers made of anti-cold clothing.

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