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The Use of White Nonwoven Fabrics

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2017-12-01
White non-woven fabrics as one of the non-woven products factory, can coordinate the crop growth microclimate, especially in winter open field or greenhouse nursery and vegetables, nursery stock temperature, light and light relations; summer to prevent sun exposure to bring seedbed moisture Evaporation, nursery and vegetables, flowers and other young seedlings burns.

Transplanting of garden trees and fake plants. Large trees, small nursery stock before planting, the first non-woven cover in the tree pit and then planted, and then covered with nutrient soil, in this way fake plantation trees high survival rate, and water and fertilizer. Winter greenhouses, open field nursery with floating surface cover. Prevents wind and increases temperature. One side of the seedbed with soil will be non-woven compacted, the other side with brick and soil compaction, bamboo or thick wire can also be made of small shed, the non-woven fabric covered in the top, surrounded by brick or soil compaction insulation. Covered vegetables, flowers, need to take more sun, do morning exposures, cover the evening. Floating surface coverage can increase the temperature of about 10 ℃ from the surface to about 2 ℃, increase the ground temperature to 1-2 ℃, cover the vegetables 5-7 days earlier and improve the output about 15%.

For the ceiling use. In the greenhouse, greenhouses make for a non-woven ceiling, ceiling and plastic greenhouse film spacing of 15-20 cm; form a layer of insulation, can raise the shed temperature 3-5 ℃, opened during the day and closed at night, the compartment must be Closure only effective. In the cold before the advent of frost damage to tea, flowers and other crops, directly covered with non-woven fabrics, which can effectively reduce the loss of frost damage.