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Test Process of Water Absorption Rate of Non Woven Fabric

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2019-08-12
The non-woven fabric(Super Soft Nonwovens Manufacturer) has good water absorption performance. In order to understand the water absorption performance, the water absorption rate and water capacity are tested. The following is the relevant process of the test content. Let's take a look. 

Preparation before testing:

1. Balance correction.

2. Test the stability of the liquid and thedepth should be at least 25mm.

3. If there is air bubbles and foam on the surface of the liquid in the test tank, the liquid is contaminated with surfactant, and the liquid needs to be replaced immediately and the proper temperature is maintained.

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Testing process:

1. Measure and record the width and lengthof each sample (10 layers at least 1 mm), then weigh the sample on a balanceand record it as Ma accurate to 0.01 g.

2. Gently place the sample horizontally onthe surface of the liquid, and the continuous aspiration starts simultaneously.

3, to ensure that the sample is flat, atleast in the concave or convex surface will provide a smooth air effect.

4. When all the dry fabric surfaces haved is appeared, stop the timing and record the time t to the nearest 0.01s.

5. Grab the fabric with a clip and have acertain small angle with the level so that the liquid flows out from the low corner.

6, the sample dripping liquid to ensure 60soil 2s.

7. Weigh the wet sample (10 layers) on the balance to a precision of 0.01g and record it as mw.

8. Test the second sample according to the above method, and reverse the upper and lower sides of the sample.

9. Continue to test the sample with amaximum number of layers of 15 as described above.

10. Continue to test the sample with aminimum of 5 layers as described above.

11. Evaluate the absorption rate(Water Absorbent Nonwovens Wholesale) by comparing the aspirate rate of each layer of the ten-layer sample with the higher or lower layer sample. For example, the ten-layer paper is tested twice,and the total soaking time is the same as the five layers. Layer independence.However, if the rate difference of each layer of the different layers exceeds15%, then it is possible to determine the number of layers directly with the absorption rate of each layer.

Through comparative experiments, the testdata was calculated and analyzed, and it was found that the non-woven fabric(Hydrophilic Nonwovens Supplier) absorbs a large rate, which is one of its very important performances.