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Supply of meltblown PP nonwoven fabric manufacturers

  • Release on:2020-07-08
In order to combat the epidemic, many companies began to produce masks, but the raw material resources required for masks in many regions have fallen into shortages. As a non-woven fabric manufacturer, they actively produce medical disposable masks and make raw materials for melt-blown PP non-woven fabrics to help fight the epidemic.

Medical masks(Earloop Face Mask Supplier) are generally composed of non-woven fabrics, melt-blown fabrics, nose bridges, ear straps, etc. The main structure is a three-layer non-woven fabric, also known as SMS structure. The differences and functions between them are as follows:

Earloop Face Mask Supplier, Disposable Face Mask Wholesale, Dustproof Face Mask ManufacturerEarloop Face Mask Supplier, Disposable Face Mask Wholesale, Dustproof Face Mask Manufacturer

The inner S layer(Dustproof Face Mask Manufacturer) is an ordinary non-woven fabric, mainly for moisture absorption.

The outer S layer is a non-woven fabric with a waterproof treatment, which is mainly used to isolate the liquid sprayed by the patient to prevent the spray.

The M layer(Disposable Face Mask Wholesale) is a melt-blown non-woven fabric after electret treatment, which can filter bacterial suspended particles and is the most important core layer.

Mask manufacturers are mainly in the dust-free workshop according to certain production standards, using mask production equipment to combine non-woven fabrics and various materials together. The outer layer and inner layer of non-woven fabrics are produced more.