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Staples market: viscose staple fiber remained stable, polyester staple fiber prices weakened

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Industry Information
  • Release on:2018-06-25
The market price of viscose staple fiber remained stable. The mid-end mainstream offer price was 14900-15100 yuan/ton, and the high-end price was 15300-15400 yuan/ton. Due to abundant orders from the manufacturers in the early stages, some manufacturers still have tight shipments. However, the enthusiasm of downstream new single purchases has slightly decreased from the previous period. At present, there are many on-demand purchases. Near the Dragon Boat Festival, some mills may have plans to leave. The market price of cotton yarn in Wujiang continues to rise, with higher price quotes for the 30S ring spinning to 19,800 yuan/ton, and partial quotes for the 40S to 21,000 yuan/ton. The National Development and Reform Commission announced that the number of cotton import slip tax quotas issued this time is 800,000 tons, all of which are non-state-run trade quotas. Spin-off companies that record non-compliance records of 50,000 spindles or more of their own equipment can go on June 15. Apply within 29 days. The Federal Reserve raised interest rates and the goods were bearish. The viscose staple fiber(viscose nonwovens on sales) rose nearly one month, and some high-priced transactions slightly decreased. However, the overall viscose plant is still in a tight balance, and it is expected that it will continue to rise in the late period and maintain inertia.
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Inadequate raw material support, but also coincided with the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, commodities bearish. In the textile off-season, the overall trading atmosphere of polyester staple fiber(viscose nonwovens factory) continued to be weak. The increase in production of some manufacturers(viscose nonwovens manufacturer) will have a certain impact on the market. The orders of the downstream spinning mills also weakened compared with the previous period, and it was close to the long holiday of the Dragon Boat Festival. Purchase enthusiasm was not high. Today, some manufacturers still offer a downward adjustment, Jiangsu and Zhejiang mainstream 1.4D spinning 8650-9050 yuan / ton factory, the mainstream negotiations 8600-8800 yuan / ton. Fujian polyester staple fiber market prices continue to weaken, some manufacturers offer down, 1.4D Direct Spinning polyester staple short-term report 8650-8850 yuan / ton short delivery position, the real single to discuss 8600-8800 yuan / ton. Shandong and Hebei direct spinning polyester staple fiber market prices were weakly consolidated and market traders shipped at low prices. 1.4D direct spinning polyester staple fiber to focus on 8700-8900 yuan / ton, the local high is still at 9,000 yuan / ton. The transaction of polyester staple fiber continued to be weak. Some traders lost money at a loss, and some market prices were chaotic. The increase in output of some major manufacturers also gave the market a heavy hammer. And the Fed’s interest rate hike and Trump’s singing of empty crude oil also gave the market a hint of coolness. If there is no clear uptrend in the late period of the raw material, there will be no major change in the basic surface of the polyester staple fiber, and the polyester staple fiber will continue to weaken the trend.